Anonymous: I love how you've completely re invented the Beast and how you've added it to her head, stunning. Please draw Elsa!

Thank you! I was a bit worried about the Beast as I needed to make it realistic so I’m glad you like it! Elsa and Anna will both be coming very soon, very excited about their portraits with what I have planned! :-) xx

2:55 pm  •  27 June 2014  •  2 notes
elisparadoxe: Hi ! Where did you learn to draw ?

I’m mainly self taught, but I studied art during A Level at School and took a 1 year Foundation Course in Art and Design at my local College :-) x

6:27 pm  •  22 June 2014
Anonymous: Loving the concept of the Disney project. Hope to see more soon. Can you post more progress shots, I love seeing the process of your artwork :) x

Thank you lovely! Yes I can definitely do that, I’ll try get some up later today when I’m working on my new portrait xx

9:00 am  •  22 June 2014  •  2 notes